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Glossary Of Search Engine Optimization Terms
For The Glossary Of Adult Webmaster Terms Click Here

When I first got into this game I was a total newbie and a lot of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)terms being thrown around made me feel like a 2 year old 'cause I didn't have a clue what people wereactually talking about. Below is a glossary with definitions of some of the most commonly used SEO termsand the abbreviations commonly used in "forum speak". Note that a lot of the definitions use abbreviationsthat are also defined on this page, just for the sake of brevity.

A>B>C Linking
A link trading structure in which there are no reciprocal links. Page A links to page B, and page B links to page C. Usually page A and page C are owned by the same webmaster and page C links to page A, so while links are actually being traded between to webmasters there are no actual reciprocal links. Many view this to be superior to a reciprocal link for SEO, but most smart webmasters will have a balance of both reciprocal links and A>B>C links.
See "BOT"
Anchor Text
The text of a link that actually appears on a web page. Example:
<a href="http://www.yoursite.com/">Anchor Text</a>
"All The Web" - A search engine with results powered by FAST
Back Link (BL)
A link pointing at a given site or page from a different site or page. Same as an "Inbound Link"
Black Hat
Refers to the use of deceptive techniques to artificially improve SERP placement. Most Black Hat techniques are violations of SE Terms of Service and will get you and your sites banned sooner or later.
AKA Robot, Spider, Agent - a program that scans the internet for a given purpose, like finding information and pages to be included in search engines or checking for reciprocal links.
The "Black Hat" technique of showing a search engine spider a different page than a surfer sees. Cloaking is a violation of the Terms of Service of just about every search engine, and will usually get you and your sites banned from the SERPS
"Cost Per Click" - In PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, this is the amount paid for any given click on your ad.
"Click Through Ratio" - This is the ratio of clicks to views for any given advertisement or link, usually expressed as 1:??? meaning one click per whatever number of views
Doorway Pages
A "Black Hat" technique involving the creation of pages no surfer is ever intended to see, for the sole purpose of driving SE traffic to another page. This will usually get you banned.
Google Dance
During a Google update, the SERPs returned by Googles various datacenters are different, some showing the new SERPS and some showing the old ones. The SERP placement of a site will change from minute to minute and this is referred to as Google "dancing"
Hard Link
A link intended primarily for SEO purposes, usually in small type at the bottom of an adult website and grouped with other hard links. While a small amount of traffic may come from a hard link, the purpose is for SEO and any traffic is a bonus.
Inbound Link (IBL)
A link pointing at a given site or page from a different site or page. Same as an "Back Link"
Internal Link
A link on one page of a site pointing to another page on the same site
Keyword & Keyphrase
A word or group of words used as a search engine query
Keyword Stuffing
The "Black Hat" practice of adding keywords and keyphrases to a page that have no particular value to a surfer in the hopes that the SE Bots will see them and that they will influence the page's SERP placement. Stuffed keywords may or may not even be visible to a surfer (i.e. black text on a black background, since a bot reads the code and doesn't "look at" the page, only the bot would see them)
Link Farm
A group of separate pages all trading links with each other for the purpose of artificially inflating Link Popularity or Page Rank (PR). The use of link farms is generally considered to be a Black Hat technique.
Link Popularity
The number of links pointing to your site as indexed by any given search engine. This is not a true count of the links to your site, but rather how many links the search engine gives the site "credit" for when calculating SERP placement. The same definition as "inbound links"
Mirror Page
A page nearly identical to another page on the same site, the only difference being what keywords/keyphrases are targeted. While there are some valid applications of mirror pages (such as mirror warning pages on free sites so that the same site can be submitted to multiple link lists), mirror pages in general are considered to be Black Hat.
Non-Reciprocal Link
A link from page A to page B, where page B does not link back to page A
Outbound Link
A link pointing from a given page to a page on a different site
"Pay For Inclusion" - Some SEs and directories allow or require you to pay money in order to be included in their index. A good example of this is the Yahoo Directory, which charges $300/site ($600/adult site) to even consider including the site, no guarantees and no refunds.
"Pay Per Click" - A method of advertising in which your link is displayed in whatever location(s) you agree to and you pay a certain CPC (cost per click) every time a surfer clicks on the link. This can be a very effective method of advertising pay sites and certain other types of sites, but almost never offers a justifiable ROI (Return on Investment) if use to promote a TGP, Link List, free site, etc. Google's Adwords is an excellent example of PPC advertising.
"Page Rank" or "Popularity Rank" - This is Google's own measurement of the popularity or value of a page on a scale from 1 to 10. There is a PR viewer available on the Google Toolbar (available from google) and also an extension for Firefox (available HERE). It is widely believed that "Toolbar PR" is not an accurate reflection of the "Real PR" used by the Google algorithm to calculate SERP placement, and in fact many believe that toolbar PR does nothing significant other than making people feel like their dicks are bigger.
Reciprocal Link
A link from page A to page B where page B links back to page A.
A file that gives instructions to most spiders as to which pages on a site they are allowed to look at and index. Complete explanation of the Robots Exclusion Protocol Here.
"Search Engine" - Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.
"Search Engine Marketing" - A broad term referring to SEO as well as paid search engine advertising options.
"Search Engine Optimization" - The process of setting up a page or site so that it contains certain keywords or keyphrases, in the hopes that it will be more likely to get favorable placement in the SERPS of a given SE for that keyword/keyphrase
"Search Engine Results Pages" - the page a surfer gets from a search engine after entering a search term
SERP Placement
Where a given site shows up as a result of a search for a particular term
See "BOT"
Spider Trap
This is either a continuous loop in which a Bot requests a page and the server requests info from the bot in order to deliver the page or an intentional construct to sniff out bots that ignore robots.txt
Splash Page
An "intro" page that's basically all graphics or flash that exists before a site's content, usually intended to impress the visitor but with adult sites it's more likely to just piss off the surfers.
Stop Word
Words like "the" that will be ignored when entered into a SE query because they're too common to be of any use when determining results.


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