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Link List Scripts

There are lots of great link list scripts out there, with prices ranging from free to $800.00. I can't tell you which one is right for you, but below you'll find a list with links to some of the most popular scripts out there today with prices at a glance. Most of them are PHP scripts but there are some CGI scripts listed here as well.

Link Admin - $400 - The choice of Richard's Realm, Jays XXX Links, Greenguy and more
Dragonlist - $325 - The choice of XXX Good Stuff, Mishi at Green Guy & Jim handles sales
Links 2.0 - $150
Links SQL - $450 - The choice of Cleo's Links
Hot Links SQL - $90 - CGI link list script from Mr. CGI Guy
Hot Links Pro - $40 - CGI link list script from Mr. CGI Guy, new PHP version available


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