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Adult Affiliate Programs With Hosted Free Sites

Hosted Free Sites (HFS) are somewhat new on the scene when it comes to sales tools provided by sponsors. Their primary application is adding them to your link list, both to beef up your listings and have more chances at making a sale to Surfer X, but there are many other uses as well (such as putting them up on your hubs).

Below you'll find a list of sponsors offering HFS. Instead of just listing every program out there with HFS, I've limited this list to the sponsors who actually make me money and have a respectable number of HFS in their arsenal.

There is a wide range of quality, and you probably wouldn't want to list every one that comes along...but these are an awesome sales tool that account for a notable part of my link list sales. When combined, the sponsors below offer well over a thousand hosted free sites. As always, new programs will be added to this list as they prove themselves worthy.

Cash Fetish - The Best Fetish/BDSM HFS I've seen!
Chop's Cash
Dee Cash
Extreme Paychecks
Fetish Hits
Foxy Angel's Tranny Cash
How I Got Rich
OC Cash
Outback Cash
Purple Dollars (For Women Only)


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