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Glossary of Adult Webmaster Terms

There are a lot of terms and abbreviations used in the adult online Biz. Some of them are general webmaster terms referring to aspects of hosting, servers, sponsors and such; and others almost don't exist in mainstream. It's important to note that some of the SEO related terms have slightly different meanings in mainstream and adult, so they're listed on both pages with different definitions.

This page is here to help provide explanations of as many of these terms as I've been able to put together, and should help de-mystify a lot of the arcane terminology you'll see tossed around in the Adult Webmaster Forums. Some terms from the SEO Glossary Page have been included here, but if you're looking for an explanation of an SEO term you're probably best off looking at the SEO Glossary.

In any case, this glossary is pretty extensive so even if you're a total newbie this page should provide you with quite a bit of help. If you've still got questions I highly recommend you ask them in one of the many adult webmaster forums all across the net. I can be found most frequently in the forums at Green Guy & Jim's Adult Webmaster Forums, but there are many great places to get help and info...and soon this site will include a list of many of them :o)

Got A Suggested Addition To This Glossary? Email Me!

For the moment this page is still being built out so not all
terms have definitions...but they will soon.

This term refers to United States Code 18 USC Section 2257, which contains the laws regarding proof of age for porn content, who is required to maintain it and how they're required to maintain it. If you either live or do business in the US (including living outside the US but having servers/hosting in the US) and you're in the adult biz, you'd better get familiar with this. More Info Here
A>B>C Linking
A link trading structure in which there are no reciprocal links. Page A links to page B, and page B links to page C. Usually page A and page C are owned by the same webmaster and page C links to page A, so while links are actually being traded between to webmasters there are no actual reciprocal links. Many view this to be superior to a reciprocal link for SEO, but most smart webmasters will have a balance of both reciprocal links and A>B>C links.
When you're promoting someone else's paysite or product, this is you. An affiliate is someone who promotes someone else's product in order to make a commission on any sales to surfers sent by them.
Affiliate Program
A program set up by a "Sponsor" to allow affiliate webmasters to send traffic to the sponsor's website(s), then pay the affiliate a commission on any sales made to surfers sent by them.
ALT Tags
Formerly "Adult Sites Against Ch1ld Pornography," now they're "Adult Sites Advocating Child Protection." This is basically an adult biz organization that provides an anonymous way to report websites suspected of containing CP content. www.asacp.org
A small personal picture or graphic used to represent you, usually displayed on a message board just below your Nick.
"Adult Verification System" - This is one of the many ways to make some cash out of the adult biz, as well as a way to make sure minors aren't accessing all the dirty, filthy stuff you have on your sites you sicko. The AVS business model is basically a "mini paysite" model, where you have a site with content and a tour that's intended to get a surfer to sign up, thus getting you a commission. The idea is that with the AVS membership the surfer not only has access to your site, but also access to every other site on the AVS network...hopefully giving you more of a chance at making a sale and earning a commission.
The standard method of measuring data transfer over the internet, generally referred to in GigaBytes (also GB or Gigs). One GB is 1000 MB (megabytes). When someone views a page that has a size of 10k, that uses up 10k of bandwidth. Any hosting package comes with a specified amount of bandwidth, and there are generally hefty charges for going over.
Banner Rotator
A script or program that allows you to display different banners or advertisements in one location. Some display randomly from within a specified group of advertisements, and others to in sequence.
Most TGP and Link List scripts allow the owner or reviewer to blacklist submitters by a range of identifying factors such as email address, IP, domain, etc. Generally webmasters end up on the blacklist for cheating, using deceptive tactics, submitting with multiple identities in an attempt to get around submission per day limits, constant rule breaking, and other factors. When you are blacklisted the TGP or Link List who has blacklisted you will no longer accept submissions from you.
Blind Link
This is one way to get your galleries and free sites declined when submitting them to TGPs and Link Lists. In the simplest terms, a blind link is a link that makes the surfer think that they're getting one thing when they click on it and then actually gives them another. One example is a thumbnail that sends the surfer to a paysite tour as opposed to giving them the full sized pic, which is what they were expecting when they clicked on the thumbnail.
AKA Robot, Spider, Agent - a program that scans the internet for a given purpose, like finding information and pages to be included in search engines. Bots are also commonly used by Link Lists and TGPs to make sure you haven't changed the page you submitted (primarily TGPs) or making sure you haven't removed your reciprocal links.
US government legislation outlining what exactly is and is not legal in regards to UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email, AKA SPAM). The restrictions are strict enough and the penalties stiff enough that many sponsors now completely prohibit the promotion of their sites through SPAM. You can read the full text of the legislation here or a summary here.
One of the largest payment processors in the adult biz and one of the most common for smaller paysites with affiliate programs. www.ccbill.com
CJ (Circle Jerk)
A "circle jerk" site is a website with no real content, the purpose of which is solely to move traffic around. All or almost all links on a CJ site are blind links, and it's possible for a surfer trapped in a CJ network to click link after link and never actually get any content.
AKA "Popup Consoles" - Consoles are scripts that can cause a variety of effects when a surfer shows up at or tries to leave (depending on the console) a page with a console in the HTML code. Generally a single popup window is just referred to as a "popup" and the term "console" is reserved for consoles that either pop up many windows or have some other effect such as stealing the surfer's back button, forcing the browser to full screen so the surfer can't close the window, or many other things.

Consoles are about the most aggressive advertising method currently available, and often tend to piss off surfers. That said, they're still a valid way to increase sales...which is why the standard tours of most paysites have consoles.
Console Free (CF)
Many sponsors offer "console free" options for promoting their sites. In general, any paysite tour will have "consoles", which do anything from stealing a surfers back button so that they have to close their browser window to leave the site or pop up a chain of new windows, in each of which the sponsor is trying to sell something.

If you send your traffic to a "console free" paysite tour, your surfers will not get hit with any consoles whatsoever when they enter or leave the tour. If you're promoting a PPS program, this almost always means that your payout per sale will be lower, since the sponsor has fewer opportunities to make money off of the surfers you send to the tour. Depending on your personal advertising preferences and what type of site(s) you're advertising on, the console free tours may or may not be appropriate for any given application...it's up to you.
The actual porn, i.e. the pictures, videos etc. on a porn site.
In simplest terms a conversion is a sale. A surfer has been "converted" from a surfer to a paying member. The term "conversion" is also used to refer to a member who has purchased a trial membership for a few bucks and has remained a member and been billed the full month's membership fee, thus they have been "converted" from a trial member to a full member.
Conversion Ratio
This definition is just full of terms explained elsewhere on this page. A conversion ratio is the ratio of sales per visitor sent to a given affiliate program or paysite, usually usually expressed as 1:??? meaning one sale per whatever number of visits. This will almost always be displayed in various ways in your sponsor stats

It's important to note that different affiliate programs measure conversion ratios differently, so in order to compare apples to apples you need to know how any given program is calculating the conversion ratios they show you. The two most common ways are sales per raw click and sales per uniqu click.
A script or program that automatically counts something, like visits to a web page or clicks on a link.
"Ch1ld Pornography" - nasty shit, 'nuff said
"Cost Per Click" - In PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, this is the amount paid for any given click on your ad.
The process of cutting out a section of a larger image, generally either to make a thumbnail or remove unwanted parts of the image.
"Cascading Style Sheet" - This is one way to control the way a web page displays. CSS are a very powerful tool allowing a great deal of control and flexibility over the layout and formatting of web pages, and also a great way to save time when creating multiple pages with the same general feel and appearance. Get More Info On CSS
"Click Through Ratio" - This is the ratio of clicks to views for any given advertisement or link, usually expressed as 1:??? meaning one click per whatever number of views.
Dedicated Server
One way or another, all websites are hosted on a server; which is basically a computer whose sole purpose is to host websites. A dedicated server is a server that you either own or lease, and nobody else's websites are hosted on that server as opposed to reseller plans and virtual hosting; in which your sites share a server with a bunch of other peoples' sites. Overall, it's the cheapest way you can buy hosting in large volumes and also tends to be the most reliable since you won't have someone elses' websites draining server resources and making your pages load slower.
"Domain Name Server" - A DNS is basically the internet's traffic directing backbone. Every site has a "DNS Entry", which is basically the IP address of the server where the site is located. When a browser requests a page at "www.whatever.com" the browser asks the DNS at the ISP through which the computer connects to the internet where to find the site; then goes to the IP address it gets from the DNS and requests the page. This all happens in a split second.
DNS Propagation
This is what causes the delay between registering a website/getting it hosted and actually being able to type in "www.whatever.com" and get the page. Every ISP has its own DNS, and they update on a regular schedule that varies from ISP to ISP. When you register a new site or move an existing site, the DNS entry for that site changes. Until any given DNS updates it doesn't know the new location of the site, so it can't direct anyone to the new address yet. There was a time when DNS propagation could take a full 72 hours, but now it's more like 24 hours or even less.
"Dots Per Inch" - This is how image resolution is measured, with higher resolutions equalling better quality images. On the 'net, all images are displayed at 72 dpi, while in print media 300 dpi is considered the standard.
Email Boxes
These are the little (and sometimes not so little) boxes you'll see on some paysite tours offering a surfer "free porn in their inbox" if they'll just enter their email address and hit "submit". This basically signs the surfer up for a lifetime of SPAM, and as an affiliate you won't make any money on sales generated by that SPAM
Exclusive Content
This is content that is only available from one website or network of websites. The owners of the site or program paid to have it produced and they own it lock, stock and barrel. This can be a great help in converting surfers, since they can't find exclusive porn anyplace but at the site you sent them to.
"Epoch Transaction Services" - A large payment processor. www.epochsystems.com
Fake TGP
A fake TGP looks just like a real TGP site, the only difference being that usually ever gallery listed is a sponsor FHG, which the owner of the fake TGP can make money on. Many webmasters use fake TGPs as their hub sites.
See "Live Feeds"
"Free Hosted Gallery" - This is a TGP gallery built and hosted by a sponsor, which contains your ref codes. It may be a movie or picture gallery. It's one more way to have an opportunity to make money off of a surfer, and is primarily intended for use by TGP owners. Be warned, don't submit FHGs to TGP sites, as TGP owners know what they look like and it will usually get you blacklisted.
Some sponsors not only offer FHGs, they offer full blown TGP sites which you can send surfers to through a referral link. When you send the surfer through your ref link, all the advertisements on the FHTGP and every gallery listed on it will contain your refcode, thus offering you the chance to make money if any one of these ads produces a signup.
"Full Page Ad" - This is a monster advertisement for a given site or sponsor. It's called an FPA because it tends to be the size of a full web page, and is generally produced with sliced images because the ad is so large. There are many great uses for FPAs on your hubs and other sites, but most TGP and Link Lists do not allow their use on submitted sites or galleries. An HPA is about the biggest ad you can get away with on galleries and Free Sites
Free Email
These are email accounts offered by the likes of Yahoo, MSN and anybody else who will give you a free webmail account. Most TGPs and Link Lists will not accept submissions from free email addresses because they're almost always used by cheaters and scammers. When submitting to a Link List or TGP always use a "real" email address, meaning the email address given to you by your ISP or an email address on a domain you own.
Free Host
These are companies that offer you web hosting for your sites free of charge. Generally, they either show your pages in frames and insert their own advertising or redirect a percentage of your surfers altogether, which is why most Link Lists and TGP won't list anything hosted at a free host. There are a few occasional exceptions, like some free hosting offered by sponsors, but the exceptions are few and far between.
Free Site
"File Transfer Protocol" - this is a data transmission protocol that's the most common way webmasters upload their sites and data to their servers. It's essentially a direct connection between your computer and your server, allowing you to select and transfer files. An FTP Client of some sort is required to establish and FTP connection and transfer files.
FTP Client
This is a program that makes FTP connections and transfers data for you. It's essentially the "go between" that has to exist between your computer and your server. There are many good free and paid FTP clients, as well as an FTP client integrated into Macromedia Dreamweaver ™
Full Sized Pics
These are what a surfer gets when they click on a thumbnail, the full image that they showed up at your site for. Remember that over half the world still surfs on dialup, which is why most Link Lists and TGPs have size limitations on full sized pics. In general, if your full sized pics are 500-600 pixels on the long side and no larger than about 75k in file size, they will fall into the acceptable range for almost all Link Lists and TGPs
A single page sales pitch with which you try to sell a paysite membership or other product to a sufer. To get listed at most TGPs a gallery should have no more than 3 sponsor links or advertisements, no blind links, 15-20 thumnails for a pic gallery (TGP Gallery) and 2-3 movie clips totaling at least 60 seconds of movies (MGP Gallery); as well as 3-4 recips to the TGP sites you've submitted that particular gallery to.

Galleries are also the "content" pages for free sites. A free site gallery should generally contain 10-15 thumbs and no more than three ads/outbound links as well as no blind links.
See "Nick"
Hard Link
A link intended primarily for SEO purposes, usually in small type at the bottom of an adult website and grouped with other hard links. While a small amount of traffic may come from a hard link, the purpose is for SEO and any traffic is a bonus. The term "hard link" is used to refer to links actually in the HTML of the page, as opposed to the "scripted links" used in traffic trading.
"Hosted Free Site" - This is essentially the same as a sponsor FHG, but it's a 4 page free site built and hosted by the sponsor. These are primarily intended for use by Link List owners, to be added to their listings, but they can be great filler content that you can make cash on for your hubs. Just don't try downloading them and submitting them to Link Lists after copying them to your server, because we know what they look like and it will usually get you blacklisted.
"Half Page Ad" - This is a large ad, usually pretty graphically intense and about 600x400 pixels. Often they're sliced and supplied as a .zip file by sponsors, and they're pretty much the biggest ad you'll ever get away with on free sites and galleries. I find they work best on main pages of free sites.
This is a general term for a site or page that's just what it sounds like...a hub where you can direct traffic to and from your sites. Many webmasters use the root of their freesite domains as hubs. There are many ways to build them, but it all boils down to a page or group of pages where almost all the links can make you some cash.
ICQ is an instant messaging program similar to AOL instant messenger and Yahoo messenger. It's somewhat of a standard in the adult biz, with many webmasters and most sponsors using it to communicate quickly and efficiently. That said, it does have its problems but it's mostly reliable most of the time, it's free, and still pretty much your best bet for networking with other webmasters. www.icq.com
"Internet Content Rating Association" - ICRA is a non-profit that provides a voluntary labeling system for any website with content not suitable for children. You basically input the site's info into a form, then ICRA generates a META tag for you to add to your pages as well as allowing you to make use of their buttons on the page if you wish. Adult surfers will never know the difference, but various child protection scripts and programs will block content labelled as adult from appearing when kids are surfing. I use ICRA labelling on my sites, and it's always a good idea to do what you can to be an upstanding member of the community and keep porn away from kids. www.icra.org
The best way to explain an Iframe is that it's a "page within a page." An IFrame creates a window on your page into which you can load another page from any site. It can be effectively used to deliver advertising, but be careful about using them on free sites and galleries, since they are also commonly used to install trojans, exploits and the like...so many Link List and TGP owners are wary of them. That said, used properly by an honest webmaster they can be a great tool.
Image Size
Either the file size or display size of an image. File size is referred to in kilobytes (i.e. 20k), and display size is referred to in pixels as width x height (i.e. 468x60)
Image Slicing
Image slicing is the process of taking a large image, say an FPA, and slicing it up into smaller sections so that it appears to load faster on the surfer's screen. Say you take a FPA that's 150k in size....that ad will take a while to load for a dialup surfer, but if you slice it into 6 pieces then put all the pieces in a table, each piece will load in 1/6 the time and when done it will look like one complete image. Basically this gives surfers on slower connections the illusion that the ad is loading faster, since they see pieces of it loading quickly. Any good graphic design program like Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop has built in image slicing capability.
"Internet Service Provider" - This is the company that gives you your internet access, be it dialup or one of the many varieties of broadband.
Link Farm
In the adult biz, a link farm primarily refers to a page that surfers never see that a webmaster uses for the sole purpose of putting up reciprocal links to directories and link lists. While sometimes paysites are allowed to get away with this, in most cases it will just get your link requests declined.
Link List
A link list is one of the two greatest free traffic sources for an adult webmaster, especially those starting out. You build a free site that complies with the rules of the link lists you want to submit it to (which is really pretty easy since 90% of the rules are pretty much standard across the board), submit your site, and if it's listed in their directory (which it usually will be if you follow the rules) you see the traffic roll in.

Link list owners spend a tremendous amount of time and effort attracting traffic to send to your sites from search engines and other sources, and in return you give a reciprocal link back to the link list.
Link Trade
Just what it sounds like...you trade links with another webmaster, either a reciprocal link trade where you link to them and they link back to you or an A>B>C trade.
Live Feeds

These are something you don't really have to worry about unless you're getting into running a paysite. A third party provider supplies rotating content "feeds" for your members area, thus keeping your content fresh and hopefully increasing member retention. The provider of the feed charges you a monthly fee. This term can also refer to live webcam chat.

Someone on a message board who reads the board but never posts, and possibly never signs up to post.
"Movie Gallery Post" - The same thing as a TGP, but only linking to galleries containing movie clips.
Mirror Page
A page nearly identical to another page on the same site, the only difference being what keywords/keyphrases are targeted. While there are some valid applications of mirror pages (such as mirror warning pages on free sites so that the same site can be submitted to multiple link lists), mirror pages in general are considered to be Black Hat.
Money Bar
A table containing multiple ads and sponsor links, usually more than 6
Javascript code which, when inserted into a hyperlink, allows you to control what's displayed in the bottom bar of a browser when the surfer's "mouse is over" the link. This is commonly used to show the URL of a sponsor paysite you're linking to so that the surfer knows where they're going, but removes your referral code so they see "www.paysitename.com" instead of "www.paysitename.com/10023/your-referral-code/tour1/cf=y" or something like it.

This can make some surfers a little more comfortable clicking on a link since there's not a big string of code, and every little bit helps. Almost all Link Lists and TGPs allow the use of mouseovers to hide your referral codes, as long as you still show the surfer the URL of the name of the site you're sending them to.
Many Link Lists and TGPs have limits on how many submissions any single webmaster or group of webmasters is allowed to make in a day. Some cheaters submit using multiple domains and email addresses in an attempt to get around this rule. Most multisubmitters have no idea how good Link List and TGP reviewers are at sniffing them out, and when they get caught it's an instant addition to the blacklist almost everywhere.
An affiliate stats and tracking script which is gaining in popularity
The name you use on message boards. It's generally a good idea to pick one and stick with it at every forum you post at, since it will help you build up a reputation and help other webmasters become familiar with you.
Non-Reciprocal Link
In the adult biz this is usually either a link you give out of the goodness of your heart (yeah, right!), a link from one of your older domains to one of your newer ones to boost PR and traffic, or part of an A>B>C linking structure.
Pay Site
A site where surfers have to buy a membership in exchange for a large amount of high quality porn. One way or another, pay sites are the whole reason any of us are in this game. Either you run one or you promote somebody else's site or program, but in the end this is how porn turns into cash.
Payment Processor

These companies are the credit card processors of the internet, and all money for just about everything sold over the internet goes through one of them at one point or another. When a surfer buys something from a website, the payment processor is the company that actually handles the credit card verification, billing the sale to the customer's card, and most importantly giving the money to the merchant that made the sale (all for a fee of course, and with adult sales that fee can be as high as 17%).

Payment processors are also sometimes the companies that do the "behind the scenes" grunt work for affiliate programs, keeping track of what an affiliate earns for a sale and paying the affiliate. This is generally in the case of smaller programs.

The smallest unit of an image. Each pixel is a small square dot with an assigned color. On the internet, all images are displayed at 72 DPI (dots per inch), which is 72 pixels per inch. Pixels are also used to describe the display size of an image. A 468x60 banner is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
"Private Message" - On message boards/forums, generally each registered user has their own private mailbox on the forum. You can send other members private messages that will not be seen by anyone but them, as opposed to posting in "public" on the board.
Just what it sounds like, a window that pops up when a surfers enters and/or leaves a page. Popups are generally banned from free sites and galleries, but they can be an effective way to generate some additional income on your own sites if you don't mind irritating some of your surfers.
"Pic Of The Day" - Some sponsors offer their affiliates a POTD link, which will give a surfer a different image with a little advertising every day. All the webmaster does is put the link up, and the sponsor handles rotating the image. You'll still get paid for any sale generated by clicking on that link.
"Pay Per Click" - A method of advertising in which your link is displayed in whatever location(s) you agree to and you pay a certain CPC (cost per click) every time a surfer clicks on the link. This can be a very effective method of advertising pay sites and certain other types of sites, but almost never offers a justifiable ROI (Return on Investment) if use to promote a TGP, Link List, free site, etc. Google's Adwords is an excellent example of PPC advertising.
"Pay Per Signup" - One of the payment programs offered by many sponsors. You get paid a set rate, like $30, for every signup you send, regardless of how long the surfer remains a member. The payout is usually $5-$10 less if you send your surfers to console free tours, since without the consoles the sponsor has fewer opportunities to recoup the flat rate they pay you for every signup.
Raw Click
Every time a surfer visits a page it's a raw click. If you send a surfer to a paysite tour and they view 3 pages of the tour, that's 3 raw clicks.
A rebill is what happens when a member of a paysite remains a member for longer than one month, and thus gets "re-billed" for the next month's membership. If you promote revshare programs, this is how you'll make the real money. Some programs average 4-8 month memberships, so while you may only make a couple bucks on an initial trial sale that never converts to a full membership, you'll (hopefully) make it up on the members who stay members that you get paid for month after month.
Reciprocal Link (recip)
A link from page A to page B where page B links back to page A. Usually, when you submit a site to a link list or a gallery to a TGP you're required to put a reciprocal link up on the page you submitted in exchange for the possibility of getting listed at the link list or TGP. While there's no real penalty for removing a recip link if you don't get listed, if you're spending all the time to go through and remove them you'd probably be better off just building new pages. You don't lose much traffic through recip links, and in the end they help the SERP placement of the site they're pointing at so that there's more traffic there when you do get listed.
A recurring charge is a fee, generally charged to a credit card, that is charged repeatedly on a regular schedule (usually once a month) until the membership is cancelled.
"Referral Code" - Any time you sign up for an affiliate program you are assigned a referral code. This code, when inserted into the links you use to send surfers to the sponsor's program, is what gives you credit for any sales made to surfers you send. Sometimes you refcode is the username you chose when you joined the program, and sometimes it is assigned by the program.
Reseller Plan
A reseller plan is a type of web hosting account just below a dedicated server. You lease out a certain amount of space on a web server that you share with others, and you have the ability to subdivide your space and bandwidth between as many domains as you like. It's called a "reseller" plan because it also allows you to re-sell web hosting to others if you choose...but be careful actually doing that as support can be a monstrous pain in the ass.
The person responsible for reviewing submissions at any database driven site like a Link List or TGP. For smaller sites this is almost always the owner of the site, but large and successful sites often have several people reviewing due to the sheer volume of submissions.
"Revenue Sharing" - An affiliate program in which you get paid a percentage of what the program makes off of any given surfer you send. The minimum is generally 50%, but some programs pay more. There are many different ways revshare programs can be set up, with some paying "true revshare," which is a flat percentage of the sale amount; and others paying you a percentage of the sale amount after processing fees (which can be up to 15% or 17%)
A term referring to a surfer "scalping" your referral links before signing up for a paysite, or removing you refcode so you don't get credit for the sale. There's no way you can tell when it's happening and no way to stop it, so don't spend much time thinking about it.
Screen Caps
"Screen Captures" - an image that shows what a page looks like on a computer screen, often used by paysite review sites to show members areas and tours to potential members.
Semi-Exclusive Content
Content that is only sold a limited number of times, like 10 or 20, as opposed to most content which is sold as many times as it can be. It's less expensive than exclusive content since you're not bearing the whole cost of producing it, but generally still too expensive to justify for galleries or free sites. This type of content is good filler content inside members areas of paysites.
Server Cluster
A setup in which one server holds all the files for a website or group of sites, and several other servers handle delivering the data. This is an expensive setup, but if you ever need one you'll have so much traffic that the cost will be a secondary concern for you.
Refers to a sponsor not paying you for a sale that came in through your refcode. This is a dishonest practice that is best described as fucking the affiliate, and many programs have gone out of business because they were caught doing this. Third party affiliate management programs like the ones offered by CCBill are preferred by some webmasters, since the owners of the program do not directly handle affiliate payments and thus have no opportunity to shave.
Sig (Signature)
A signature on a message board is setup through your user control panel and appears below every post you make. Almost all boards have rules governing what your sig can and can't include, how big it can be, etc.
Sig Whore
Someone who posts on message boards primarily so that advertisements in their signature will be seen, OR someone who is paid a fee to have an advertisement in their signature.
This is what happens when a surfer pulls out the credit card, and it's the reason we're all here. The almighty signup is the driving force behind the adult biz, since that's where the money comes from.
Sliced Image
See "Image Slicing"
Unsolicited bullshit email that pisses people off, normally coming in large quantities. Due to CAN-SPAM, promoting sponsor programs via SPAM will almost always get your account cancelled and void any payments you are owed, since it opens the sponsor up to serious financial and legal liabilities.
An individual or company with products or memberships for sale who offers affiliates a percentage of sales or a flat fee per sale for promoting their products.
Sponsor Content
Photo and video content supplied by sponsors for free to help affiliates promote their programs. It's generally a violation of the sponsor's TOS to use their content on a page promoting another sponsor. Also, it can be difficult to get free sites and galleries built with sponsor content listed unless you're at the front of the line when the content comes out, as many Link Lists and TGPs have a "first come, first served" policy when it comes to sponsor content. None of us want to list a bunch of sites or galleries with the same batch of photos.
Sponsor Links
How you send traffic to a sponsor. These links contain your affiliate code as well as other code that controls whether or not the surfer gets hit with popups, etc.
Sponsor Stats
The sales and traffic statistics provided to you by a sponsor so that you can see how much traffic you're sending and how much money you're making. The quality and type of stats offered by sponsors range greatly, but the best sponsors show you both raw and unique clicks.
"Server Side Includes" - Directives that are included and processed in html pages that are evaluated by the Server prior to the page being served to the web surfer. SSI has a limited set of commands that it can use and is not as full featured as using CGI or PHP to generate the pages. (thanks to CD34 at GG&Jim)
A site or page submitted to a resource like a Link List or TGP in hopes that it will be listed and thus get traffic to that site or page.
Targeted Traffic
The basic design of a given free site or gallery, including the layout, colors, graphics, etc. It's customary to re-use templates, but re-using them more often than once every thirty days can get your submissions declined or sometimes get you blacklisted if you do it constantly.
Third Party Counter
There are many companies offering to give webmasters statistics on their web pages in exchange for the webmaster placing a button or script on the page. These are generally frowned upon and banned from Link List or TGP submissions, as they can sometimes be used by the third party to install malicious code on a surfer's computer. Even in the best case scenario, they generally look like a link to porn and they're an unjustifiable traffic leak. As a rule, never give anyone else control of what appears on your pages, and third party counters do just that.
A small image which is either reduced from a larger image or cropped from a larger image. A thumbnail linked to anything other than the full sized image is considered to be a blind link. Generally thumbs on a free site must be at least 100 pixels on the long side, but they tend to look better on a page if they're at least 125 pixels.
Trade Script
A script installed on a server which manages traffic trading.
Traffic Leaks
Links on a page that "leak" traffic without giving the owner of the page an opportunity to make money.
Traffic Trading
The process of using a script which rotates and tracks "in" and "out" clicks between multiple websites who "trade" surfers. This is most heavily used by TGP owners, but done properly there can be a place for it in many adult site applications. Since a link used for traffic trading points to a script instead of pointing to another site, search engines cannot follow it; and this is the biggest difference between as "scripted" link trade and a hard link.
A page or multiple pages on a paysite which are viewable without joining the site. The purpose of the tour is to entice surfers to join the paysite, so tours often include lots of flashy graphics and some sample pics and/or videos. Some sponsors have several tours for each of their sites, and since each tour may convert differently it can be in your best interests to see which tour converts best on your traffic.
"Terms of Service" - This is the agreement between you and any affiliate program you join and/or promote. The TOS is the bible when it comes to how you can promote the site, when you get paid, how much you get paid, what can cause you to have your account cancelled and never get paid, and every other relevant aspect of doing business with a sponsor. It can be a bore, but it's advisable to read the TOS before joining any affiliate program...you'd be amazed what you find in some of them.
A low priced, short term membership to a paysite, generally intended to make a surfer more likely to pull out a credit card and try the site out. Most trials are priced from Free to $4.95, and trial periods last from a few hours to 7 days. If the member does not cancel their membership before the end of the trial period, they are billed for a full month's membership.
"Unsolicited Commercial Email" - AKA SPAM
Unique Click
AKA "unique visitor" - each visitor to a website in a 24 hour period is considered to be a unique click. If the same person visits a website twice in 24 hours they still only count as one unique click, no matter how many pages they view. For example, Joe Surfer clicks one of your sponsor links and goes to the tour you've decided to send him to. He looks at 3 pages on the tour, then comes back 6 hours later and looks at three more pages. In total, Joe's visits would show up in your stats as 6 raw clicks and one unique click.
A payment processor also offering affiliate program management. www.verotel.com
Vid Caps
"Video Captures" - A term referring to still images "captured" from a video. Generally they're low quality and blurry, which is why some Link Lists and TGPs have decided to decline sites with vid caps for content.
Warning Page
If a porn site or free site has an warning page it will be the index page. This page is generally used to put up a few advertisements, trade some links, and most importantly put up a warning stating that there is adult content not appropriate for minors on the site.
Webmaster Referral
When you refer a webmaster to an affiliate program that you promote through your referral link and they join the program to promote it themselves, that's a webmaster referral. Most programs offer some sort of payout or percentage of sales to you when a webmaster referred to you makes sales.


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